Friday, December 25, 2009

An Eerie Coincidence?

So, my bff Hayworth and I were having coffee the other day, while exchanging our Christmas gifts. I love getting gifts from Hayworth...anytime...for any reason. She is the Queen of garage sales! She's a very serious shopper, and a very experienced bargain hunter! The wonderful gifts she gives away are usually some of the most perfect garage sale finds that one has ever seen!

In her bag of goodies, there were two small bejeweled picture frames, an aromatic cinnamon candle, a Michael's gift card, and a very smart looking journal. She knows how much I love to write, and her gifts of journals are a way she shows her support for my writing.

As I was flipping through the clean white pages of the journal, I noticed that a page toward the front had some words written on it. I thought this was a little note to me from her encouraging me to keep up with my stories. She also saw the words, and together we said "what is that?" Well, there goes the theory of her "go get 'em Taylor" cheer!

We read the entry together and almost immediately began to cry. The words had been written by a young man about 12 years ago and he spoke about his sadness of losing his mother and how very much he missed her. We both just wanted to give this kiddo a big hug and tell him how lucky his mother was to have spent time with such a wonderful boy.

Since both of us had recently lost someone close to us, this journal posting meant more to us than just words. We knew how he felt...the love he had for his mother...and the heart wrenching pain he was going through at the time. Hayworth looked at me, and I at her. Why was this happening to us? Was this divine intervention, or was this just a mere coincidence?

Later that evening, I received an email from Hayworth where she mentioned the eerie timing and how she wished she could find this young man so she could tell him what a great kid he was. She didn't know how it would be possible since she is slightly more technologically challenged than me, having yet to figure out Facebook. Emails are challenging enough! I have to agree. (I only know how to get on Facebook, but not how to navigate once I am there!)

As I perused through my other emails, I came across a notification from Classmates that someone from my high school had signed my "guestbook." While I was there, I thought I would try a little investigative work. The young man referred to above, had mentioned his elementary school, which is actually located about 15 miles from where I live. I guessed at where the kids from that elementary school might be going to high school, and looked up the name. To my surprise, I found a student with the same name who had graduated some years ago, but fit the timeline closely. Hey, what are the chances that this is the guy?

On a whim, as I do often, I sent an email through Classmates asking this person whether or not they attended the elementary school that was listed in the journal entry. I was careful to word the email so as not to appear like a stalker, or creepy person, as my girls sometimes refer to me. I didn't mention the journal or any of its contents. I sort of felt like I just sent a fan email to Brad Pitt. I check my email at least a dozen times a day for a response. Chances are, he won't even read my email; however, I do have a glimmer of hope that maybe he will and actually respond to me. What will I do if he does respond? How will I explain the reason for my email? I thought about asking him if he wanted the journal back. What do you think? Should I just let the whole thing go?

I'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy 50th Girlfriend!!!

Since I'm such a procrastinator, I am writing this birthday greeting one day before a very good friend turns 50! (I know it's the day before, but I really should have written this five days ago!) Happy Birthday Dahling!! I hope your big day is filled with lots of smiles, lots of hugs, and a ton of chocolate! You simply must make this celebration last at least seven days. This event only happens once in your life, so you must make it the biggest and the best!

For the sake of anonymity, let's call my friend, Miss Fairy. Fairies are something she and I both have in common, among other things like "drama queen teens", special places in our hearts for animals, and the importance of keeping in touch. Miss Fairy and her family moved to a very cold place in the northern United States some five or six years ago. My heart was broken the day she left. (It has since mended.) Miss Fairy is one of those friends who will drop anything to give you a ride to pick up your car at the shop, will gladly give you the biggest hug because she just knows you need it, and who not only will take you to out-patient surgery, but when she picks you up, she brings you a chocolate milkshake. Now, tell me the name of one man you know who would do all of that!

Miss Fairy and I both worked at the same preschool as teacher aids. She was wonderful with the little ones. She had so much patience; something that I am a little short on at times. The kids loved her! Miss Fairy was part of the group I have written about in a previous post (Age of Aquarius 2/14/09). She even has a Ya Ya hat very similar to mine (Hat Day, Noexcuses 10/2/09). I will always remember the days at the preschool not only because of the fun we had, or the free hugs we gave and received, but for the priceless friendships that developed while we worked in this very extraordinary little world!

When Miss Fairy comes to town, we try to get together for coffee. She doesn't always have time to meet, as she comes from a very large family who all want to see her. Just knowing she is around makes me feel good, even if we can't get together. Miss Fairy has a sister, who is also known as Miss Fairy #2, who keeps me updated with pictures and wall posts on her face_book page. I would love it if Miss Fairy #1 would JUST GET A FACE_BOOK ACCOUNT so we could talk more frequently!

Well, my dear friend, I wish for you the best of birthdays tomorrow, with only the best of life's adventures waiting for you in the future! Welcome to the club!!!

All my love....

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sundays in My City #6

Unknown Mami
Have you heard of Unknown Mami? She has a delightful blog where she shares photos of her city on Sundays. She invites the rest of us to link up with her and share some of our own city's photos. Click on the logo to visit Sundays in My City!

I live in St. Louis, MO. Welcome to my city!

We have an historic road that runs through St. Louis. It is called Route 66, and at one time was the main road that one travelled to get from the East Coast to the West Coast. It has since been modified, with detours and dead ends, but signs still indicate where the original road stood. Here is a picture of one of the signs with an historic building behind it.

This is just one of the routes that Tootsie and I take when we get our exercise.

Lastly, here are some of the residents of our wonderful St. Louis Zoo!




Thanks for visiting my city! Now, show me yours!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

This Is It!

A mere three words to describe what might have been an historical musical comeback for one of the most talented singers of all time. If his private life, along with human errors, is put aside, you simply must agree that his status as King of Pop is well-deserved.

I regret never attending a concert of his, even though I desperately wanted to be a part of the magic. I hope this event will leave us all with thoughts of who Michael Jackson was as an entertainer and how hard he worked to bring us the best that he had to give.

Rest in peace.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sundays in My City #4 - Fall Leaves

Unknown Mami

Have you heard of Unknown Mami? She has a delightful blog where she shares photos of her city on Sundays. She invites the rest of us to link up with her and share some of our own city's photos. Click on the logo to visit Sundays in My City!

I live in St. Louis, MO. Welcome to my city!

For most of the past week, we have had more rain. This is the "bowl" in our backyard common area, which is usually just grass. When it rains fast and hard, we get the "bowl pond" which sometimes attracts ducks and geese and other fun critters! (To give you an idea of the size of the bowl, from the fence on the left side to the top of the hill beyond one could place a football field, with end zones!)

Yesterday was sunny and gorgeous! I took a picture of the trees in my front yard.

I'm originally from Southern California where the leaves are either green or brown. I am in awe of the colors here during fall! Everywhere I walk or drive in my town, I see nothing but bright orange, red, yellow and green! (and a little brown) This is a good reminder to me of just how lucky I am to have my sight.

Home Depot was on my list of errands yesterday. Once there, it took me about 10 minutes before I realized that I had chosen a cart with a wobbly wheel. I felt like a dork. People heard me coming, they stared, they laughed, "what a dork!" You would think I could have checked out the cart before I started on my hunt for storage tubs. But, noooooo! I had seen a customer in the parking lot who had just purchased a neon green storage tub. Neon green just happens to be Ed's favorite color! I HAD TO HAVE THESE TUBS! I searched and searched, with a very loud and obvious wobbly wheel, and I finally found them on the end of one of the aisles.

I still had to find new area rugs for the kitchen. They had rubber; they had cushy foam; they had "soft on your toes" plush. None of these were in Forest Green! I really wanted Forest Green! I found a small burgundy rug that I thought I could take home and try out. I didn't really like it, but I thought I wouldn't find anything else, so I bought it. Have you ever done that?

Then, as I was leaving, I saw a Kohl's and flew into their parking lot. "At least they won't have wobbly wheels on their carts" I thought. As it turns out, Kohl's had the style of rug that I wanted. They did not have it in Forest Green, but in Burgandy only. Once again, I said to myself, "I bet I won't find anything else," so I bought it. Well, I didn't find anything else, and the rugs look terrific in my kitchen!

Here's a picture of one of the sculptures from our Laumeier Sculpture Park!

Thanks for stopping by Sundays in My City!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sundays in My City #2

Unknown Mami

Have you heard of Unknown Mami? She has a delightful blog where she shares photos of her city on Sundays. She invites the rest of us to link up with her and share some of our own city's photos. Click on the logo to visit Sundays in My City!

I live in St. Louis, MO. Welcome to my city!

Our Botanical Gardens attraction is acres and acres of lushness, color and beauty. One of my favorite places inside the Gardens is the Dome. (I know it has a proper name, but for today, let's just call it "The Dome.")

Inside the Dome

And, here is where misbehaving children go!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope your Sunday is fantastic!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Brad, We're Not Related!

I am so bummed! I've been doing a little genealogy research and have come to the unhappy conclusion that even though I am a descendant of the Pitt family, and bear the name as well, I am not a relative of Brad Pitt. I was hoping that maybe I could have been at least a 12th generation, thrice removed relative, but it doesn't look likely. We both do have a possible common relative, about four generations back, but there is no way to know for sure as the information stops at the name and there is no way to dig any deeper with this particular individual.

Man, I am so discouraged! I've prided myself on having the name for many years. I took a lot of teasing as a child, but once Brad made the name well-known, I would refer to him when anyone would ask about it.

As much as I would love to be included in family picnics with Brad, I can be content knowing that there were a lot of gorgeous men and women from whom I am descended. Not only were my ancestors hot, they had adventurous personalities, too! There were career professionals, cattle ranchers, treasure hunters, war veterans, jailed criminals, know, the usual family stuff. It was fascinating to read the same stories on the net that my grandmother had told me when I was young.

Some of these stories are very colorful. The little light bulbs are going off inside my head. I hope to get them into Word documents, before I forget about my keys and my phone.

For those of you (and me) who have no life, but a lot of time to roam around the net, I think you would enjoy learning about the who, what, where, when and why of our ancestors. Good luck!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Military Forts and Beauty Parlors, of Course!

I’ve been working this week as a temp. I've had some free time and decided to do a little net surfing. I find myself getting so engrossed in my favorite blogs, as well as, the blogs of commenter’s on my favorite blogs. It’s a little like ADD, when you enter a room for one thing, and end up getting sidetracked with something else, and then when that can of worms is opened, there are three more interesting things to do!

One blog I always enjoy visiting is Tutu’s Bliss. She has the most precious little girls, who are always dressed in the most colorful and flowing outfits. Even her little one’s Binky is decorated with a flower! Check out this blog!

When I read about little ones and their adventures, it takes me back to when my cutie pies were little and I recall all the fun things we did. I was very lucky back then to be able to stay home for a few years.

When it was just the boys, Hero & Rock, we would throw sheets or blankets over coffee tables and chairs. We would connect everything so that it was one giant fort. No adults were allowed in, except for moms with snacks. I loved to listen to the dialogue exchanges between the two.

“Where is all our stuff?”

“I no know, I tot you had 'em?”

“No I don habe 'em. Maybe Mommy habs 'em. Let’s go peek her. Cover me, kay?"

“kay, I cover you. But don’t go by duh bad-guy’s fort. If they peek you, they will yell and chase us to the river!”

“kay, I stay away from bad-guy fort! Stay by me, kay?”

“Kay. Let’s get some bug juice and spidey gummies. I haben’t had those since foreber!” The little soldiers managed to get to the rations tent (kitchen)without alerting the bad guys, and wouldn’t you know it…in the tent were some boxes of bug juice and a few bags of Spidey gums! My little grunts were in heaven!

Another fun thing we would do so as not to get bored while in the car was to scream “Dinosaurs” whenever we went under a bridge or pass. Simply screaming bloody murder was a little too shrill for my delicate ears, but screaming Dinosaurs would add just a touch of giggles to the yelling.

Once the girls were in charge, it was “Land of Beauty and Fairies.” We would all go to the beauty parlor together (in the living room) and we would take turns doing each others hair, makeup, nails and toes. Add to that the most marvelous tutus and wings, and we were the talk of the Fairy Realm. Of course, I was the Fairy Queen and the girls were my Princesses in waiting…until the U.S. Army arrived! Then we would have to quickly pack up our makeup cases and fly away to the Fairy tower (in mom & dad’s bedroom). There we would be safe because dad put a lock on the door to keep out uninvited guests, or in this case, grunts!

I really miss those days…every now and then.

Monday, April 13, 2009

I Love My Girlfriends!

"Oh darn!" Lisa yelled as she glanced at the digital clock in the car. "Why can't I ever be on time!" Her good friend, Sara, was visiting from DesMoine and had invited her to a soiree (Margarita-fest) at a relatives home. The party was to end at 5:00 and it was now 5:10 p.m. She was 20 minutes away from the party house.

Lisa grumbled as she sat in her car at the red light. To add insult, it was beginning to drizzle. She so wanted to see Sara and get one of her fantastic hugs! Sara and Lisa had been friends for many years. Their daughters had gone to school with each other. Their friendship blossomed because of their girls, and grew even deeper when they later worked at the same preschool.

Sara's husband had been transferred to DesMoine some years earlier. It was a very difficult move, not only for Sara, but for all the girlfriends she left behind. Oh, sure, they spoke on the phone, and even emailed each other, but nothing could beat the "real thing" of face-to-face girlfriend love.

The weekend passed and Lisa felt bad about missing the party. She meant to call, but time got away from her until Monday.

"I'll give her a call, or send off an email tonight" Lisa promised herself. She had several errands to run after work, and then needed to stop off at the house to pick up something. As she walked into the kitchen, the phone rang. Lisa checked the caller ID, as she always does, and saw that it was a friend who also knew Sara.

"Hello" Lisa said, thinking she would be speaking to the Caller ID owner.

"Hello, Lisa?" said a most warm and familiar voice.

" are you? I'm so glad you called! Listen, I feel horrible about missing the party last week! How long will you be here? Can I see you before you leave? How are you? How are the girls?" rambled Lisa.

"Oh, that's okay" replied Sara, "I'm great. Three more days. Yes. Fine. Fine. Say, a few of us are going to meet for drinks at Mi Casa in about 10 minutes. Do you think you can join us? I know it's last minute, but I would love to see you!"

"Are you kidding me?" shrieked Lisa. "I'll be right over!"

Oddly enough, two cars full of girlfriends pulled up to Mi Casa at the same time. They all screamed with delight and they group hugged each other. When they were inside the restaurant, Lisa gave Sara her warmest hug, and got back the best "I'm glad to see you" hug ever!

The waiter brought chips and salsa and the girls toasted each other with their fancy umbrella drinks. Then, as everyone began talking at once, Sara & Lisa looked at each other and began to laugh.

"Oh, how I've missed you" smiled Lisa. "Where do I begin? You look marvelous!" joked Lisa. The two went on and on laughing loudly as they reminisced. They had both become quite fond of one of the elementary school teachers, who was a prankster with a wicked sense of humor. He became Monsignor to them, and they became Sister Sara and Sister Lisa to him. Over the years they each would sign birthday cards to each other with their religious names. The whole idea was really quite hilarious since the three were well-seasoned sinners, and had already made their reservations to fry in hell.

By now the umbrella drinks were beginning to take effect, and everyone was quite giddy. They all took pictures of each other acting as if they were at a high school prom. The waiter just smiled as he brought more chips. It was getting late and no one really wanted to leave.

"I've got to go," Lisa said. "I need to get dinner started so it will look like I did something today!" They all chuckled because they were all thinking the same thing!

After another big group hug, the girlfriends blew kisses to each other and made their way to their cars. Lisa smiled and waved as the others drove away.

"It's a good day," she thought "when the merry-go-round stops and life takes over for a little while!"

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Birthday, Katya!

So, it's 10:00pm on a Saturday night. The hubs has called it a night and I'm sitting at the computer in the family whole body vibrating to the sound of "All the Single Ladies" emanating from the basement. Katya, who turned 16 in January, wasn't officially "Sweet Sixteened" then, so tonight is her right of passage! There are black lights, a disco ball, streamers, and lots of plastic covering for all the spills that will take place. A special request was made for ten pounds of M&Ms and Skittles!

Our basement is right out of "That 70's Show" with the exception of no bathroom. Everyone has to come up to the main level to relieve themselves of all the soda and fruit punch. There is a very nice boy here, Seamus, who is directing traffic to the loo and while it is in use, we are chatting about Lacrosse, carpentry, plumbing and the five dates that he brought with him.

Ed has decided to keep Katya smiling all night, so she has dressed and made up herself to look like Lady Gaga (Just Dance...). Every ten minutes or so, Ed pops her head up and asks "are we too loud?" I love Katie Perry, but paaleeezzzee!!! I can only take so many repetitions of "I don't Want To Lose Your Love Tonight."

"Too loud? Pfft..not your friends, oh no...never!" In about 17 minutes (around 11:00pm) everything comes down three decibels, and by midnight any bodies left in or out of the basement are fair game for Tootsie and her neighborhood night critter friends! I hope the hubs doesn't wake up!

Lady Gaga just came on again! I hear karaoke! I hear dancing...I don't know where they are dancing...there are three couches, two easy chairs, a Futon, tables, shelving and an armoire down there! It's now 11:01pm......there must be 30 people down there. I hope the Fire Marshall doesn't show up for an inspection!

Thank you, Lord, for giving me only two girls...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Baby's Lullaby

As she made her way into the large choir room to deliver a message to the teacher, her heart skipped a beat and a feeling of euphoria came over her. The young girls were singing "All The Pretty Little Horses." This is an old southern song, which, if I am correct, was sung to the babies of the plantation owners by their African American nannies. It goes something like this:

Hush a bye
Don't you cry
Go to sleepy little baby

When you wake
We'll have sweet cake
And all the pretty little horses

Blacks and Bays
Dapples and Greys
Six and twenty little horses

Blacks and Bays
Dapples and Greys
Six and twenty little horses

When she was in college, she took a voice class to help ease her fear of singing in front of an audience. You see, she wanted to be an actress...a real actress...who could act, sing and dance. She was comfortable with the acting and dancing, but had no experience singing. "All the Pretty Little Horses" was the song she learned in class, and sang for her final project. She didn't know why she picked that song; something in her gut told her to learn the song.

She stopped pursuing her acting career and decided to take a different path in her great journey of life. On that path, she and her husband of eight years decided to start a family. During the next eight years of her journey, she had four children. She sang this song to each of her babies during the first years of their lives. She would wrap her arms around them and hold them close. Each one of them knew that when mommy sang this song, they were the center of the universe and nothing else mattered but them. The song was especially soothing to her fourth child, who was so sensitive, she would have a meltdown if someone looked at her with raised eyebrows. The melody and words would calm the little girl and turn her tears into smiles.

On her way out of the choir room, one could see a single tear falling from her eye. But the corner of her smiling mouth stopped the tear, and for a moment, she felt the bliss of knowing how very lucky and blessed she was to have babies who loved hearing her sing this she knew why her gut had told her to learn it.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tribute to My "Rock"

Rock is the fictitious name I've given to #2 child. He plays in an alternative rock band (hence the name "Rock"). His big brother, Hero, successfully trained Rock in the busy way For example, he he couldn't sit, or do anything that didn't involve running or thrashing both arms all over as he ran. He managed a few scuffs along the way, and has the scars to show for them. I once had a pediatrician hold up his 100 page medical file and say "S'up with this?" After I fantasized about shoving my fist down his throat, I said sweetly, "I bring him to the doctor when he's sick or broken! He's just a little accident-prone and gets a few ear infections!"

Rock spoke Klingon when he was two years old. Only Hero could translate. After a while, I could understand through hand motions and using 50,000 suggestions as to what it was he wanted to say. We had his hearing tested, which resulted in good news, but when the doctor had him do a few tongue "gestures" he was unable to pass the test. The diagnosis was an under-developed tongue muscle that was completely normal after a year of speech therapy. Once he was speaking English, he wouldn't shut up!

He went to a preschool that had classes surrounding an open atrium. Once, while we were walking to his class, he was smacking the leaves of atrium plants along the way. He was walking directly behind me and forgot about the eyes in the back of my head. I said calmly, "Rock please stop smacking those plants." He replied in his ever-so-nanny-nanny voice, "Can't see me!" I laughed so hard I almost wet myself!

He's always loved sports and outdoor games. The preschool had little two-wheel bikes with wheels that were at least six inches wide. He mastered the two wheeler at school and then blew his dad away when he hopped on a "real" bicycle and took off. Dad was prepared to run up and down the street for a few hours until Rock felt confident enough to ride alone. Dad was beside himself with relief to have dodged this one!

Hero, Rock's big brother, crashed and burned on a bicycle when he was about five years old. He wouldn't get back on a bike to save his life. When the boys were a little older, Rock had to teach a skill to someone for a scout badge. He was able to get his big brother back on a bicycle and loved it! Whew! I was glad he was working on that badge! Have you ever tried to get a kid to take cough syrup once they've tasted the worst kind?

They both enjoyed playing soccer and baseball....until they were hit by wild pitches! I don't know what it is with getting hit by a fast moving ball, but neither one ever played it again. Rock tried gymnastics, volleyball and football. He fell in love with the latter two sports, and was very successful at them. He would bring on the "bad boy mean" when it was needed, but he normally was a bit more reserved. He has, however, more heart in his little finger than do many entire teams of athletes!

He has accomplished much in his young life, and he has done his momma proud! He's more than half-way through his college education and actually has an idea of what he'd like to be when he grows up. I didn't know what I wanted to be until I was 50, and I'm still changing my mind to this day!

So, here's to you Rock! Because you could sing the entire soundtrack of Disney's "Little Mermaid" when you were three; because you wouldn't let the doctors hurt your big brother when they tried to stitch up his eye; because you busted your butt to finish your Eagle project within 24 hours of turning 18; and because you never hesitate to say you love me in public, I am so incredibly proud of you and grateful that God gave you to me!

I love you.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Age of Aquarius

Remember this Fifth Dimension song? "When the moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars..." Everything is perfect! Have you ever had a day, a week, a year, or a job that was everything you needed to be completely satisfied? I'd like to tell you about a time in my life where I felt that I was aligned with something very special.

Prior to my thrilling job as a school secretary, I worked at a church pre-school as a Teacher's Aid. I had been coerced to apply for this job by a friend. It helped a little that my girls had been students at the school, so I was familiar with how it was run and I knew some of the teachers. I really love the kids at this age. They are still so very innocent and loving. Every new experience is an exciting adventure for them.

My day began by assisting the teachers prepare for the day. The other Aids and I would help set up paints and easels, fill up water pitchers, set out supplies for the day's activities and anything else that the teachers needed. Once the children began arriving, we would go through their tote bags to pull out notes, lunch bags or returned items from the prior class time. Throughout the morning, we would help with activities, art projects, snack time, potty breaks, outside time and clean up. Occasionally, I would substitute for one of the teachers. This really did wonders for my ego, because the little tykes always loved the teacher!

One of the the best things about this job, (in addition to the children) was the fact that I loved every single woman with whom I worked. I loved the director, the teachers and the other aids. We all seemed to blend well together. All of us were moms, so we had that in common. The fact that we were all Christian women was another common thread. I think that we all had a decent sense of humor, which on some days, was the only way we survived! After working for a few months, I became comfortable with my work and my relationship with my co-workers. Everyone was called "Miss" Susan, "Miss" Betty, etc. I would get a chuckle when I would hear, "Miss Liz, will you please wipe my butt?" coming from the bathroom!

In November, we drew names for a Secret Santa event. We would begin leaving gifts for our secret person once a week starting with December 1st. We would get together at a restaurant after the school finished classes for winter break. It would be at this luncheon that our Secret Santa would be revealed. It was always so much fun to sneak around with our little secret stuff and bring a smile to someones face. Of course, I would absolutely love receiving my surprises, too!

One year, to add a little something different, we all took names of a famous actress. There was Anna Nicole Smith, Amy Irving, Mae West, Susan Hayward, Melanie Griffith, Carol Lombard and I was Elizabeth Taylor. It was a lot of fun pretending to be a famous person, and it often kept us laughing throughout the day. To this day, we still email each other with our "Movie Star" names.

The boys and girls were always cracking us up with the funniest stories and their explanations for whatever was happening on any given day. We had a tablet in one of the classrooms where we would write down the funny sayings. At the end of the school year, the director would make a little booklet with these precious articulations, as well as, samples of their master artworks throughout the year. I still have these booklets.

This dream job lasted for two to three years. I will always remember the fun, laughter and comradery I experienced when the planets were guided by peace and love steered the stars.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Eleven Days and Counting....

I thought I'd update you with my progress of revolutionizing my health plan. I'm still chubs, but I've gone 11 days with no refined sugar or white flour (the biggest culprits in MY body). Thank you, no really, thank applause needed. It's only been a week and a half! Six pounds gone...thank you God!

I no longer rearrange furniture, attempt to enter and/or clean the teenagers' rooms, walk the dog a gazillion times a day, or growl and snap at every little noise. There is a peaceful ambiance about the house these days! My husband has actually spoken a few words to me without fear of great balls of fire spewing from my mouth.

But work is where I will need to make some amends. Some of the 12-14 year olds can be forgetful at times. Their loving parents don't want them to get any red checks for not having the assignments, books, PE clothes, bookbags, lunches (! I can't imagine how anyone could forget to bring their nutritional sustenance to school! You know, the cakesters, cookies, chips, snickers bars, candy and cafeinne drinks - oh, stop...will somebody shoot me?) Last week I drop kicked a child's lunch over to the counter to be delivered later. I sent one parent packing, telling them to "get a life and stop babying your child!" (I still delivered the pair of glasses to the student.) I need to apologize to these parents, buy a lunch for little Johnny because his chocolate pudding leaked all over his entire lunchbag, and convince the principal why I should be able to keep my job!

Then it occurred to me that...duh...I did the same thing when my kids were this age. I thought it was my job as a mom, and I couldn't say no to a remorseful sobbing child calling from the classroom for the assignment that was sitting on the kitchen table. It did make it from the bedroom to the kitchen, so there was some attempt to bring it to school. It didn't matter that there was no identification of the writer on it and it had pictures of potato people with names like "crabby mom" or "booger-eating-moron brother" under them.

In all, I think I'm having a good three day week (two snow days), and look forward to being a family again...until I decide to give up coffee!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Born in the Wrong Decade

My sweet, little Edwina. She thinks she may have had a previous life during the 60's or 70's. All the logos, styles, colors and attitudes are coming around least here in "middle earth." No, she doesn't sleep around or take drugs. I told her if she did, we would take away her license, her phone, her computer time, TV time, and she'd have to quit her job (which is very dear to her as it is her only form of income right now). She knows that one of the most severe consequences would be that she would cease to "have a life." So far, so good!

To give you some background, when she was 15, she struck up a conversation with a friend's dad who buys old VW cars, gets them running and looking spiffy, and then resells them. He was currently working on a '77 VW Bus that immensely peaked her interest. It was all she could talk about for six months.

"When I get my bus...and all my friends will be with me...and I'll have tie-dye curtains, and speakers everywhere!" she would chatter. We managed to keep a lid on things and put off any kind of "sign" that she was going to get the car. Her dad and I felt that, for her first know...the one that she would learn to drive in....have fender benders in...write "welcome to my party" on, we wanted a little more protection around her, and something that was a bit more generic when it came to replacing parts, or finding paint that matched.

A year ago, we were talking with a very good friend who actually drove one of these buses back in the 60's, telling him the story and our feelings about the car. He looked us straight in the eye and said "Just buy the damn car!" So, we did...because our friend was very persuasive and I was afraid of him!

Here is a picture of her seeing the bus for the first time. I called her downstairs by yelling and acting mad about something. As soon as she hit the bottom of the stairs, I gave her a loving shove out the front door. She couldn't believe that her "dream car" was sitting in the driveway!

Since that day, there have been no accidents, only one incident of someone leaving their mark with a key...along the entire side...and only one ticket. I've heard that red cars are very attractive to our men in blue. She first received a warning for a non-moving type violation, but this particular man in blue kept an eye out for her (she's not hard to miss). When she had turned on to a main street with traffic, the rear of the bus was left slightly inside the intersection space. Well, he jumped on this one. He and a friend in blue were standing on the side of the street about 50 feet away and immediately motioned for her to pull over. The ticket read "obstruction of intersection."

She plead "not guilty" and was "bound" over for trial. On her own, this (now 16 year old) returned to the scene of the crime and took pictures from several different angles. She went into court, prepared to battle with the ticketing officer, and waited for her name to be called. She was led into a private room with a District Attorney. There was no sign of the officer. She showed the DA the pictures of the intersection, as well as, the diagram that she made depicting the exact location of her car and where the officer had been standing. The DA was impressed, and began asking her questions about the long had she been driving well does it run...does she get a lot of guys with it, etc. She smiled and then added that the car goes from 0 to 60 in 15 minutes! He laughed and she relaxed. She was told that if she did not get any more tickets for three months, this infraction would be dismissed.

She made it to Thanksgiving, which was the three month period, and to this day...that we know...she has not said "howdy" to any more men in blue!