Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy 50th Girlfriend!!!

Since I'm such a procrastinator, I am writing this birthday greeting one day before a very good friend turns 50! (I know it's the day before, but I really should have written this five days ago!) Happy Birthday Dahling!! I hope your big day is filled with lots of smiles, lots of hugs, and a ton of chocolate! You simply must make this celebration last at least seven days. This event only happens once in your life, so you must make it the biggest and the best!

For the sake of anonymity, let's call my friend, Miss Fairy. Fairies are something she and I both have in common, among other things like "drama queen teens", special places in our hearts for animals, and the importance of keeping in touch. Miss Fairy and her family moved to a very cold place in the northern United States some five or six years ago. My heart was broken the day she left. (It has since mended.) Miss Fairy is one of those friends who will drop anything to give you a ride to pick up your car at the shop, will gladly give you the biggest hug because she just knows you need it, and who not only will take you to out-patient surgery, but when she picks you up, she brings you a chocolate milkshake. Now, tell me the name of one man you know who would do all of that!

Miss Fairy and I both worked at the same preschool as teacher aids. She was wonderful with the little ones. She had so much patience; something that I am a little short on at times. The kids loved her! Miss Fairy was part of the group I have written about in a previous post (Age of Aquarius 2/14/09). She even has a Ya Ya hat very similar to mine (Hat Day, Noexcuses 10/2/09). I will always remember the days at the preschool not only because of the fun we had, or the free hugs we gave and received, but for the priceless friendships that developed while we worked in this very extraordinary little world!

When Miss Fairy comes to town, we try to get together for coffee. She doesn't always have time to meet, as she comes from a very large family who all want to see her. Just knowing she is around makes me feel good, even if we can't get together. Miss Fairy has a sister, who is also known as Miss Fairy #2, who keeps me updated with pictures and wall posts on her face_book page. I would love it if Miss Fairy #1 would JUST GET A FACE_BOOK ACCOUNT so we could talk more frequently!

Well, my dear friend, I wish for you the best of birthdays tomorrow, with only the best of life's adventures waiting for you in the future! Welcome to the club!!!

All my love....


Chris H said...

Wow that cake/cupcakes is gorgeous. Happy 50th to your friend.

Betty said...

Happy Birthday to Miss Fairy! She sounds like a special friend!
I have a friend like that in Canada. She is loving and funny and does NOT have fb! :) So I had to add her kids to my friends, in order to keep updated. She´s also a lousy letter writer, but as soon as we see each other we connect!

Lora said...

Happy Birthday Miss Fairy!!

(and stay off Facebook!! You and I can be the only ones off and we will have so much time to get things done and eventually we will run the world!)