Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Birthday, Katya!

So, it's 10:00pm on a Saturday night. The hubs has called it a night and I'm sitting at the computer in the family whole body vibrating to the sound of "All the Single Ladies" emanating from the basement. Katya, who turned 16 in January, wasn't officially "Sweet Sixteened" then, so tonight is her right of passage! There are black lights, a disco ball, streamers, and lots of plastic covering for all the spills that will take place. A special request was made for ten pounds of M&Ms and Skittles!

Our basement is right out of "That 70's Show" with the exception of no bathroom. Everyone has to come up to the main level to relieve themselves of all the soda and fruit punch. There is a very nice boy here, Seamus, who is directing traffic to the loo and while it is in use, we are chatting about Lacrosse, carpentry, plumbing and the five dates that he brought with him.

Ed has decided to keep Katya smiling all night, so she has dressed and made up herself to look like Lady Gaga (Just Dance...). Every ten minutes or so, Ed pops her head up and asks "are we too loud?" I love Katie Perry, but paaleeezzzee!!! I can only take so many repetitions of "I don't Want To Lose Your Love Tonight."

"Too loud? Pfft..not your friends, oh no...never!" In about 17 minutes (around 11:00pm) everything comes down three decibels, and by midnight any bodies left in or out of the basement are fair game for Tootsie and her neighborhood night critter friends! I hope the hubs doesn't wake up!

Lady Gaga just came on again! I hear karaoke! I hear dancing...I don't know where they are dancing...there are three couches, two easy chairs, a Futon, tables, shelving and an armoire down there! It's now 11:01pm......there must be 30 people down there. I hope the Fire Marshall doesn't show up for an inspection!

Thank you, Lord, for giving me only two girls...

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Chris H said...

Lucky you, only two girls... you know how many I had/have eh?
Hope you got/get some sleep! I will be thinking of you.