Friday, December 25, 2009

An Eerie Coincidence?

So, my bff Hayworth and I were having coffee the other day, while exchanging our Christmas gifts. I love getting gifts from Hayworth...anytime...for any reason. She is the Queen of garage sales! She's a very serious shopper, and a very experienced bargain hunter! The wonderful gifts she gives away are usually some of the most perfect garage sale finds that one has ever seen!

In her bag of goodies, there were two small bejeweled picture frames, an aromatic cinnamon candle, a Michael's gift card, and a very smart looking journal. She knows how much I love to write, and her gifts of journals are a way she shows her support for my writing.

As I was flipping through the clean white pages of the journal, I noticed that a page toward the front had some words written on it. I thought this was a little note to me from her encouraging me to keep up with my stories. She also saw the words, and together we said "what is that?" Well, there goes the theory of her "go get 'em Taylor" cheer!

We read the entry together and almost immediately began to cry. The words had been written by a young man about 12 years ago and he spoke about his sadness of losing his mother and how very much he missed her. We both just wanted to give this kiddo a big hug and tell him how lucky his mother was to have spent time with such a wonderful boy.

Since both of us had recently lost someone close to us, this journal posting meant more to us than just words. We knew how he felt...the love he had for his mother...and the heart wrenching pain he was going through at the time. Hayworth looked at me, and I at her. Why was this happening to us? Was this divine intervention, or was this just a mere coincidence?

Later that evening, I received an email from Hayworth where she mentioned the eerie timing and how she wished she could find this young man so she could tell him what a great kid he was. She didn't know how it would be possible since she is slightly more technologically challenged than me, having yet to figure out Facebook. Emails are challenging enough! I have to agree. (I only know how to get on Facebook, but not how to navigate once I am there!)

As I perused through my other emails, I came across a notification from Classmates that someone from my high school had signed my "guestbook." While I was there, I thought I would try a little investigative work. The young man referred to above, had mentioned his elementary school, which is actually located about 15 miles from where I live. I guessed at where the kids from that elementary school might be going to high school, and looked up the name. To my surprise, I found a student with the same name who had graduated some years ago, but fit the timeline closely. Hey, what are the chances that this is the guy?

On a whim, as I do often, I sent an email through Classmates asking this person whether or not they attended the elementary school that was listed in the journal entry. I was careful to word the email so as not to appear like a stalker, or creepy person, as my girls sometimes refer to me. I didn't mention the journal or any of its contents. I sort of felt like I just sent a fan email to Brad Pitt. I check my email at least a dozen times a day for a response. Chances are, he won't even read my email; however, I do have a glimmer of hope that maybe he will and actually respond to me. What will I do if he does respond? How will I explain the reason for my email? I thought about asking him if he wanted the journal back. What do you think? Should I just let the whole thing go?

I'll keep you posted!


Chris H said...

Heard anything?????

Unknown Mami said...

This is all very interesting and your story is not done yer.