Friday, June 26, 2009

Military Forts and Beauty Parlors, of Course!

I’ve been working this week as a temp. I've had some free time and decided to do a little net surfing. I find myself getting so engrossed in my favorite blogs, as well as, the blogs of commenter’s on my favorite blogs. It’s a little like ADD, when you enter a room for one thing, and end up getting sidetracked with something else, and then when that can of worms is opened, there are three more interesting things to do!

One blog I always enjoy visiting is Tutu’s Bliss. She has the most precious little girls, who are always dressed in the most colorful and flowing outfits. Even her little one’s Binky is decorated with a flower! Check out this blog!

When I read about little ones and their adventures, it takes me back to when my cutie pies were little and I recall all the fun things we did. I was very lucky back then to be able to stay home for a few years.

When it was just the boys, Hero & Rock, we would throw sheets or blankets over coffee tables and chairs. We would connect everything so that it was one giant fort. No adults were allowed in, except for moms with snacks. I loved to listen to the dialogue exchanges between the two.

“Where is all our stuff?”

“I no know, I tot you had 'em?”

“No I don habe 'em. Maybe Mommy habs 'em. Let’s go peek her. Cover me, kay?"

“kay, I cover you. But don’t go by duh bad-guy’s fort. If they peek you, they will yell and chase us to the river!”

“kay, I stay away from bad-guy fort! Stay by me, kay?”

“Kay. Let’s get some bug juice and spidey gummies. I haben’t had those since foreber!” The little soldiers managed to get to the rations tent (kitchen)without alerting the bad guys, and wouldn’t you know it…in the tent were some boxes of bug juice and a few bags of Spidey gums! My little grunts were in heaven!

Another fun thing we would do so as not to get bored while in the car was to scream “Dinosaurs” whenever we went under a bridge or pass. Simply screaming bloody murder was a little too shrill for my delicate ears, but screaming Dinosaurs would add just a touch of giggles to the yelling.

Once the girls were in charge, it was “Land of Beauty and Fairies.” We would all go to the beauty parlor together (in the living room) and we would take turns doing each others hair, makeup, nails and toes. Add to that the most marvelous tutus and wings, and we were the talk of the Fairy Realm. Of course, I was the Fairy Queen and the girls were my Princesses in waiting…until the U.S. Army arrived! Then we would have to quickly pack up our makeup cases and fly away to the Fairy tower (in mom & dad’s bedroom). There we would be safe because dad put a lock on the door to keep out uninvited guests, or in this case, grunts!

I really miss those days…every now and then.

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