Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Shower for Grandma-To-Be!

I was part of a wonderful celebration today! The daughter of one of the fabulous preschool ladies with whom I used to work is having her first baby! We gave a shower for the grandma-to-be! Not to take away any of the well-deserved attention owed to the mother-to-be, today we showered our attention on my friend, Jaylo, or Senorita Lopez, as she is affectionately called. (Please click here for movie star name background.)

Hayworth and I (Taylor) started out at a table for two at Bread Co. We knew that we were going to need a bigger table, as there were a dozen rsvps to this surprise shower. We started eyeballing people who were seated at a table for six. Once we shamed them into leaving, we moved all of our stuff and started staring at the people seated close by, so we could add their table to ours. It worked! By the time everyone started arriving, we had room for twelve. A few of the stars in attendance, were Patty Lupone, Debbie Reynolds, Sally Field, Ann Baxter, and Lesley Gore!

What do you get for a “Grandma-to-be?” Well, we put together a basket of goodies that included “Grandma’s” favorite books, a handprint kit, tooth fairy kit, handcrafted onesies, handcrafted cloth diapers, (why didn’t I think of this idea – I could be living on an island right now!) gift cards for Grandma’s projects (fabric and craft stores) and gift cards for Grandma’s love of reading.

We told Hayworth that she should be in the “event planning” business as she puts on the most amazing showers, parties, receptions and intimate get-togethers! Hayworth is our garage sale connection and party-panner. She hits about 20-30 garage sales a week and finds the best deals on nearly new items ranging from home d├ęcor to inspirational books. Then, she gives them as gifts to friends and family. For the shower, she decorated a Burger King crown with little babies, bows and cutie-patootie sayings. Betty Grable, brought a “grandma-to-be” sash. We made Jaylo wear both! The party favors were chocolates inside of miniature Chinese take out boxes. Of course, everything matched the table cloth of brown, blue and green polka dots.

I guess I should get used to the fact that this chapter of my life will include invites to weddings, showers and college graduation parties for children of my friends! That will be long as chocolate is served!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Weekend Reflection #24

Every Friday through Sunday, Newtown Area Photo sponsors a meme where a gazillion photographers, amateur to pro, can showcase their work using a "Reflection" theme. I love to see the different points of view that people have, and the truly beautiful pictures that they take.

I ran out of reflection pictures, so I've been on a mission to find some new ideas. This is a picture of the windows on my van. My house is reflected off of the windows. I thought it was a cool for an amateur like me! I always take a second picture in case the first one is a dud. Here is the second picture, with a slight variation. I hope you enjoy it. I don't know what I did to make it happen, but the side mirror on the other side of the car came through and there is a reflection of a tree from the yard in the side mirror. Would someone like to explain this to me?

I just want to thank Newtown Area Photo for sponsoring this meme every weekend, and allowing me to participate. Please visit here and prepare to be entertained by some truly amazing artists!