Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What's Your 15 Minutes of Fame?

Many of us yearn for the day when we will have our "15 Minutes of Fame." Some of us have been fortunate enough to already have had the experience. I believe that it may not be the same for everyone.

Sometimes I feel like I am "Queen of the World" when I have been complimented on a job where I worked very hard. When I have been recognized for an accomplishment in front of co-workers or other groups, and the endorphines kick in, I sometimes feel like someone from People Magazine should come take my picture! Then I return to reality. If I may, I'd like to share with you, one time where I felt like it was "my time to shine."

Years (decades) ago, I pursued an acting career. I studied for about two years in a few local acting schools. One of the schools sent a bunch of us on a commercial shoot for a local grocery store. We had wardrobe, make-up and hair done for all of us. (That, in itself, was exciting for me!) I was very lucky to be chosen to say a line and have a close-up shot. The non-union commercial was shot over two days and started showing up during the morning and early evening newscasts.

Seeing myself on television was weird at first, but then the novelty wore off and it was no big deal. The commercial only ran for about two weeks. The highlight of the whole experience, and my "15 minutes of fame" came a few weeks after the commercial ended when I got into the elevator at my work. I saw a familiar face in the back. It belonged to a girl from the acting school.

She said, "Hey, I saw your commercial. Nice job." She had me at "I saw your commercial..." I thanked her and turned around, trying so very hard not to giggle. I was somebody special in front of all those strangers. That elevator ride was the best ride of my life! This girl had made my day, my month, and my year!

The only events that could top my elevator ride, were the births of each of my children. Talk about wild rides and feelings of euphoria....the moms out there know what I mean!

I would love to hear about your "Fame" stories. Please leave a few words about a time when you felt on top of the world!


Chris H said...

Ummm that would be several!
- Teaching pottery to adults and getting thanked for helping them so much.
- Getting my 'Tummy Tuck' story published in a magazine, and being recognised quite a few times in the street.
- Reaching my GOAL WEIGHT and having to stand in front of a lot of people and tell how it felt, how I did it....

That's about all! Oh ... and being recognised in the street by complete STRANGERS cos they have read my blog!

Rick said...

Hello there Bizzy, I just noticed that you became a follower of my blog. I just wanted to say that I am truly honored. Thank you.

I think my 15 minutes of fame came during that hour when everyone sets their clock forward an hour, and nobody noticed.

I see you're a friend of Chris H. She's a nut. And a good "mate."

Chris H said...

OOOOIII Rick, watch who you are calling a nut! Pfffffft.... ha ha ha. Don't listen to him, he's the nut.