Friday, November 28, 2008

The Morning After....

We all survived! I kept the commitment I made on my other blog about smaller portions. I only walked the dog once, however! I'll try to get that one in today.

BLACK FRIDAY - So, the 17 and 15 year old were trying to convince me that they should be allowed to camp out overnight with their posse at the mall. You betcha! Ed thinks that just because she played contact football with a bunch of boys at the age of 14, she can kick anybody's butt and she should be allowed to roam free. After heavy discussion (minus the tears and slamming doors) I stood my ground and said "no." Who camps out at the mall, anyway? If I were to camp out, I'd be at Best Buy, Target, Kohls, Walmart, etc., not the mall. There are too many entrances to count at the mall. There ARE NO LINES!

We agreed they would leave the house at 4:30am, drive to pick up the posse by 5:30am (because they won't be up yet, anyway!) and get to the mall by 6:00am. They are more than likely trolling (I mean strolling) the walkways, dreaming of clothes, shoes and boys. Ed wanted to find something new to wear to the rave (I mean party) that she is hosting tonight (I must be completely out of my mind!). Nevermind the fact that 99% of everyone else at the mall is shopping for gifts for others (well, okay, maybe 95%).

The scariest thing is...she has my debit card.

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