Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sundays in My City - Race For The Cure

This was on the front page of today's St. Louis Post Dispatch. Here are some ladies who really know how to party! These lovelies are Breast Cancer Survivors, and they are dancing in the streets to celebrate!

I will be honest and tell you that I did not take these fabulous pictures of our Komen Race for the Cure held yesterday in downtown St. Louis. I wasn't even there, but my spys were. So, if you want to know if anybody famous was there, you can just look for yourself.

My friend, FACS Lady, not only took these pictures, but she ran/walked/shuffled and crawled the race. I'm not much for crowds these days.... especially if they are 71,000 plus!!!! Please enjoy some of the creative apparel that was in attendance.

We had a great morning for the race. It was a little steamy, and probably contributed to a few temper tantrums, crankiness, and super-soaker fights! Then, the participants who were still walking in the afternoon, were treated to Mother Nature's all purpose shower... thunder, lightning, and golf ball size hail!

This was what it looked like at the Finish Line!

Have you heard of Unknown Mami? She has a delightful blog where she shares photos of her city on Sundays. She invites the rest of us to link up with her and share some of our own city's photos. Click on the logo to visit Sundays in My City!

Unknown Mami

I live in St. Louis, Missouri. Welcome to my city!


Erin said...

Oh I LOVE that last pic. I lived in MO for 2 years and that pic of that Arch brings back a ton of memories!

What great pics!

Joanna Jenkins said...

That last pic with the Arch in the background is fabulous -- So are all the great folks that participated in this important event! I take my pink hat off the them!

Happy SIMC,

Unknown Mami said...

Love the last shot.

May said...

Hats off to the ladies in the first pic!! I love their enthusiasm for celebration!!!

qandlequeen said...

Great pics - you just can't go wrong with the Arch or Union Station, can you? Waving hi from south county (actually I'm sitting in KC at this exact moment, but I'll be home tonight)

She Writes said...

I love the very first picture!

She Writes said...

LOVED the first picture!