Sunday, March 27, 2011

Saturday Centus - Scared to Change

Welcome to Saturday Centus, the "assignment on a whim" by Jenny Matlock Off on My Tangent. I shouldn't tease. Ms. Jenny graciously gives writers ideas and formats through weekly writing challenges, and it's always interesting to see how we respond! We must write no more than 100 words (not including the prompt or idea) and link back to Ms. Jenny to share with others our hard work and sweat. My sweat follows, the prompt is in bold.

Bring it on baby, dear
That attitude of yours
It’s a cover for your fear
Of breaking down doors

You want to be me
Go ahead and try
Open your eyes and see
It’s not a good time to fly

You’re full of yourself, hon
Step back and to the side
Let others bask in the sun
Be humble with your pride

Close your eyes; breathe a sigh
How can you change?
Start climbing; aim for high
You might feel scared or strange

When it’s the end of day
And the wind is a wickin’
Say, “I’m not afraid,” say
I’m not a chicken!”

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Jenny Matlock


Tracy said...


Sue said...

You make a good point here.

Nicely done.

=) said...

Wow, I really like this. I'm going to re-read it, because it's full of meaning. It has a great rhythm too.
You have a lovely blog.

Judie said...

All of us who have children still at home should print this out and stick it on the fridge. It is so much better than the line I used when they gave me grief--"Run away from home now, while you still KNOW EVERYTHING!!"

jeff campbell said...

Fine rhythm here...I really like this...Peace and blessings

Gems said...

This reads beautifully. I like the meaning in the words and their flow.
Gems xxx

Ames said...

Very good rhyming!~Ames

Nonna Beach said...

Outstanding job ! Vivid feelings explored and fear confronted, I love it !!!

Kat said...

This is beautifully written, and such wonderful advice. I love that you took such a silly prompt and turned it on it's ear. Great use of the prompt. Kat

Tgoette said...

Very impressive effort here, Kelly! I love what you did with the prompt and the message it conveys. Great job!

gaelikaa said...

Very clever!

~Lissa said...

Amazing job!! Very deep and insightful.

Jenny said...

What a wonderfully deep message from what seems like such a shallow prompt.

You really rose and excelled in this challenge.

I'm honestly impressed.