Saturday, May 8, 2010

Oops! Tootsie Did It Again!

I have been MIA for a while. I have been nursing a fracture of the bone in my right middle finger. You know, the one that expresses your feelings in one quick gesture? I was walking Tootsie a few weeks ago when she saw one of her imaginary friends and lunged to show off her "alpha female" side. The leash was over, under and through the fingers on my right hand. My middle finger was bent in a most unnatural way, but I didn't hear anything crack, so I thought it must just be a sprain. Well, two weeks later, it still hurt like heck, so I went to my doctor and had some x-rays taken. They discovered a hairline fracture at the joint (you know, the joints that hurt real bad in rainy weather?) and it was suggested that I wear a splint to help heal the finger.

Have you ever considered how much you use that finger outside of emotional expressions? I type, answer phones, and write for my job. And sometimes I clean my house. Personal hygiene has been a real adventure! I crack myself up every time I have to sign something, because it looks like my first attempt at cursive writing.

Since the injury is in my finger, and I do not use my fingers to walk, I'm participating in a Komen race tomorrow. Our big Komen race is held in June, but I'm not real fond of large crowds so I heard about this short walk/race very close to my house. This is good in case I have to crawl home after crossing the finish line.

I want to honor both the women who are no longer with us, and the women who have survived this ugly beast! I have two surviving women in my family. Then, there is my friend,the prayer warrior survivor who lives in Chicago, and who single handedly brought all of her doctors and nurses closer to God than they had ever been. Rock's preschool teacher, Mrs. Robinson, has gone home to our Lord. I'm sure she knows that I'm walking for her!

I'll post a picture on Unknown Mami's "Sundays in My City" tomorrow after the race...unless I'm in the hospital with my legs and middle finger in traction.

Happy Mothers Day to blogher Moms, everywhere!

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Chris H said...

Ouch to the finger, I hope it heals soon... must be so frustrating!
Happy Belated Mother's Day to you!